got some postn troubles

But the behind the scenes problems with this piece of shite are not yours they just clog the funny. Not to say that all of this crap is humorous but I dropped a dead on hilarious post earlier today live from buying my McRib. I knew it was funny because it made me laugh and I knew the punch line but I cant recreate it right now for the life of me. It had to do with me eating around the painted on bones and taking the rest back up to the counter complaining about the lack of meat.

I was imagining the argument about bones in a sandwich and me repeatedly asking for one without skeletal remains. I swear I went on a funny tear but its lost somewhere in the iPoneisphere. Oh well, I did have another thing I tried to post but at least I still have the picture.


This is the view from my desk in the bedroom and I was watching the local park district guys attempt to plant a forest along my Magic Path The trouble with planting anything but Willow trees or Cyprus is that this is the storm retention basin for this area and it fills all the way up a couple times a year. If these guys want to drown some real trees they should plant a stand of Buckthorn. This might also curb the random teenage fornication in that area of the park. Nothin says lovin like a bed of needle sharp thorn filled branches.

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