Tidying up a bit

During this weird work time I’ve been using some of my frustrated late night energy to clean up computer type stuff. Getting rid of music I never listen too, dump work files I’ve kept for no reason from three jobs ago, and weeding out some old pictures that don’t have any people in them. I could do a whole post on making sure that humans you know are in your pictures but I’ll save that for later. Anyway, every time I open up the photo folder I’m greeted and scared by the following picture taken by my middle child while I was getting ready for the Halloween party.


That whole embrace your fear thing was nonsense. I scare the shit out of me. No wonder the lone baby at the party screamed bloody murder every time I walked by. Impressive cellular survival instincts and further proof that adults should not attempt to disguise their identities for any reason. Shit.

As I squint at the picture from the corner of my eye I cant help but think that if I ever end up in prison I will need to recreate this look. I wont have many friends on the yard at recess but this would drastically reduce my night time visitors as well.

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