AST One Day Late

Today’s Ask Stupid Tom is coming to you on a Saturday for no other reason than I forgot. Luckily the question was in the email and as I was reading some new messages I noticed the question. I was going to save it because it was one of those that I consider boring behind the curtain kind of things but then I figured if someone took the time to write me I should answer. The question reads as follows:

How do you write your posts? I mean sometimes I read them and you refer to the title and I don’t always pay attention to that so I have to go back and read it for the first sentence to make sense so is that the way you start every post?

The answer to this question is an uninteresting It depends on the day. Sometimes I sit down and have nothing to say so I’ll type some stupid title referring to how I’m feeling or what I’m doing in order to spark something in my mind. Lots of times the finished post has nothing at all to do with the title but it helped me get rolling so I leave it alone. Other times I’ll have a post that is dying to get out so I usually write those out and tack a title on at the end. I wish I had some set methodical process that might be more interesting but if I ever write about one I’ll be lying.

This is the same problem I have with Categories and Tags. There is no real plan for this mess so I have trouble keeping it neat and organized. If I were writing about technology for example I would have everything broken down in a neat and organized fashion. But this is random cast-off from my brain so part of the appeal should be that you never know what you’ll get. I will emphasize that point by reminding you of another way that I write my posts. I record random crazy thoughts and observations during the day as well as useful things about work and life. The stupidtom stuff usually ends up being written here except I found out how to drop my annoying voice directly into a post.

smart tumble

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