selling some shite

I have some big blocks of time on my hands and am getting a few project done that I’ve been putting off for a while. One of those is to sell some of my old crap on eBay or some such thing. I have purchased a bunch of stuff from the bay but never really sold anything. I readied my first round of crap for sale by taking bad pictures and trying to figure out what I could get. eBay is a pain in my nuts. I was setting things up and jumping through electronic hoops for twenty minutes and still nothing was up for sale. I called bullshit and headed for craigslist.

In under two minutes I had the first round of junk up for sale.

IMG_1034 (640x480)

an old iPhone 3g and its otterbox case

IMG_1036 (640x480)

and an old Miranda camera and a bunch of accoutrement (I have no idea if that twenty-five cent word needs an s to indicate plural or not. I really need to stop with the big words until I get a better grip on this whole writing thing)  Please note the trash bag that I used as a neutral backdrop. classy

Anyway, that is the excitement for the morning as I anxiously await making tens of dollars today. If any of this sells I might make this my new hobby. Plus with craigslist if someone wants to rip me off they have to do it in person which adds a little adventure to my day. Oh, and if you would like any of this junk drop me a note or comment on this post.

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