not good morning

I am moving a little slow this morning because I was invited to a Monday night football viewing and I might have over imbibed just a touch. I could see how easily someone (OK me) could fall into the trap of alcoholism. If there is a lot going on in your life booze definitely slows things down to a manageable pace with the added bonus of allowing you to sleep. My personal insomnia is life driven not biological or chemical. I am slowing down my caffeine intake to assist with this trouble but turning my brain off is the bulk of the problem. So I sit here this morning preparing for a meeting with the drumbeat of my pulse in my skull and that suits me fine right now.

Switching gears I had the most insulting job offer conversation yesterday and it ended in a relationship severing cloud of swear. I have made it known to anyone interested that I’m sticking with this current company to see what happens next. They saved me from a bad situation and the people I work with had no idea the real behind the scenes troubles. A guy who mistakenly thought stealing me away would be easy tried not taking NO for an answer. That behavior tends to push me in the opposite direction from the drivers intended results.

He called me stupid for staying, I acknowledged that he might prove right but no one knows for sure and then things escalated. Lets just say that when you resort to classical business phrases like “sperm burp” and “cum dumpster” you might have taken the relationship to an unrecoverable place.

Side note so this makes sense: The guy in question is a notorious homophobe which usually indicates repressed homosexuality so my implications that its well known in “the industry” that he is a closeted queen cuts right to the bone. At some point when I’m backed into a corner bad things happen.

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