not my best start

I began my morning by paying an elderly gentleman a dollar to go away. When I type it out loud it sounds worse than it was. Standing in my Speedway rushing for what in hindsight turns out to be no reason because I have time to thumb type this crap right now but anyway… The old guy in front of my is trying to make sense of the speedway receipt and is debating every line item and the associated tax charges. Now this is a convenience store so I expect a little chicanery when it comes to what I’m being charged. I consider it a lazy tax and I’m more than willing to pay.

There is nothing in that whole place that I couldn’t find cheaper with a little leg work but that’s the point. The look on the Abheem’s face was priceless. If he could do the math that the old dude was trying to walk him through I’m sure he’d be an astrophysicist in his native land. I apologize for that stereotypical remark. We all know that it’s the Caste System that keeps most of the people in check but I digress. The septuagenarian’s point was that he was owed by his calculation thirteen cents and he was not leaving the line until the injustice was corrected.

These guys don’t have any way to refund or correct perceived tax calculation errors because the Speedway Overlords are much too wise to make that mistake which put us all at an impasse. The old guy was filibustering and Abheem was trying to help the next person in line (me) over his head. I’d had all I could stands so I tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a dollar.

“let’s call this one a victory and move on shall we?”

Who the hell talks like that? Oh yah, ME. typing that just gave me douche chills. I can be a complete tool.

He wasn’t happy but he did take my buck and move on. Not even a thank you but I’m chalking that up to my interruption of his inappropriate taxation lecture. I’ve got to get off of the pop because I need a new group of people to hang out with for two and a half minutes every morning.

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