this is a test

This is a test of my ability to work at home with a fully loaded house and I am failing miserably. I have gone from zero to sixty with things to do at work but going in to an office right now makes no sense for a bunch of boring reasons. The entire family is crammed into this palace with me right now and I have more assignments to complete in the next two days than I have in the last two weeks. Awesome. So why are you typing this nonsense with so much to do you might ask? Because this room, the bedroom, that serves as my office during the day is currently occupied by my lovely wife while she talks with all of her friends on her cell phone and my youngest as he calls around attempting to organize some type of entertainment for himself today.

But why are they up here with me? Because the six high school seniors who slept over last night are still occupying the main level. I have got to get that dam basement finished so I can just cram them all down there. Anyway, I am listening to music in headphones to drown out the other two conversations plus the ultra annoying cackle of The View. I can barely type my way through this barrage. I have GOT to figure something out quickly before the weight of all I need to get done crushes me. BIG FRUITY DRAMA QUEEN, sorry.

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