a day of punch and cookies

I took an early morning punch to the throat. Work wise that is but it was followed by a customer giving me actual cookies because they felt bad about all that is going on with my current company. I wrote that off as weird but in the made for television movie that is my life I should have heard the ominous background music and taken it as the foreshadowing that it really was…

Then this afternoon came the shots to the breadbasket followed by a haymaker to the nuts. Literally my wind left me for a minute as I learned that my current company, the one that has been fighting for its existence, is circling the drain and were closer to the bottom than the top. Big Clock of impending shit storm is now clicking loudly in my head and to calm it down I will be sending out some prophylactic resumes. I knowingly misused that word because I’m guarding my sanity by moving forward with a pending job search preventing myself from wigging the eff out.

I am a relatively simple man with basic requirements one of which is a job (with benefits) to go to every day. I am willing to work hard and in return I expect to be rewarded with some minor feeling of stability. I’m not sure what I’ve done to upset the forces of sustained employment but I need to figure that out and fix it fast. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to job hunt I go.

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