I am stewing in a world of my own mush right now not knowing what in the hell I should be thinking or doing. Not literally stewing like people who take those creepy baths steeping themselves in a tepid pool of their own filth more mental slow cooking. I’ve contacted a couple of recruiters and applied online for a couple of jobs but my current company is paying me and I think we are still actively pursuing something to sell. All of this unknown is the worst. So what does a person in my position do when things like this flip the world upside down? Home improvements. That’s right, spend some money and jump into a couple of projects to really crank up the pressure.

I’ve got some guys over here now doing some of the skill work that I cant handle then I’ll take over with the paint brush and my mad furniture moving skills.  I promise that this is the last boring ass post about my job situation barring any crazy developments like them refusing to pay me for the last couple of weeks work and me putting on a football helmet and crashing their car into a wall. I will get some videography assistance for that one if it does go down and unless an active police investigation is underway I will post that awesomeness here.

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