the dily o

It was not a good day in the land of stupidtom and the bad all centers around work. I watched some folks who have worked at my current company for twenty plus years come to the realization that things were heading down the tubes. If they would have had their eyes open they could have easily seen the signs but denial aint just a river in Africa. Happy effing holidays you wont have a gig in about another week.

Crying, swearing, moping, laughing, it was all over the road and in the mean time yours truly is doing some things that are bruising his soul. I’m not going into detail as suits of law are one of the many reasons I’m acting this way but someday I’ll spin this tale and you’ll think I’m lying. Anyway this has put me in one doozy of a pisser mood and I am currently trying to stay out of my own way.

in other news my middle child and I struck a deal. It did my heart good to watch her negotiate her way into the monster laptop with which to play her Sims and design her clothes. whilst I ordered a new netbook thingy that might have had a tiny shot of steroids. I am typing this on that right now and I have to say that so far so good. Maybe this weekend I’ll post some pictures of the tiny alien. Its gadgety and gimmicky and just what the doctor ordered during these stressful times of employment fluctuation. My friend George and I have the same sickness in this regard as during his own forced hiatus he purchased one of these little gems.

Something just feels hopeful about buying oneself a present during a shit storm.

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