Today finds your antihero in not much of a better place. Holy Hell just look at that peach of a last sentence and you can clearly see that I am not of sound mind. I need to take my mind off of my mind and what better way to get that done than by sleeping I ask you. Only one problem with that little trick is that same brain what drives me crazy awake ramps things up once a nap attempt is made. Quite the conundrum but nothing my old friend alcohol cant handle. SO tonight I will head out and meet some friends for some welcome distraction. My brother invited me down to the wacky college football game a Wrigley Field today but I have yet to finish my work on the boys room and that would have put me in a deeper hole than I need right now. So on I trudge, typing this crap as a way to avoid working around the house, giant bald drama queen OUT.

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