and the trucks pull up

I’m typing this from the parking lot of the company that I currently work for and apparently not for long as the trucks from the major manufacturer we sold are here to get their remaining product. I have also just discovered how delusional the leadership team minus one has been over the last month or so. These morons have been playing a poor game of fake business and now they have put a lot of peoples livelihoods in peril. Great timing sucktards! Happy effing holidays and a merry turkey day to you all and to all a choke on a drumstick and die.

By the way once the screen scroll out of sight above me on this phone I no longer have the ability to track weather or not I’m still making sense (like I was when I could see everything I wrote) but at this point I done really care. So here I sit in my car like a mental patient trying to escape from the asylum but just now realizing that I don’t know how to drive. Some ancient song lyric keeps running through my head “I’m so dizzy my head is spinning.” No idea what it is or who the artist is but I hate them right now just because.

I literally don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground right now and that’s not a feel good because I pride myself on knowledge of all of my orifices especially their locations and general appearance. Dam antiquated Illinois firearm purchase wait times. CSI tried to teach me how to build a homemade sniper rifle last night but I was in no mood for Murder School. Just when you need it the most…

That was a joke but when the originate from a very dark place they cant help but come out a little charred on the edges.

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