polishing my craft

I am turning into quite the actor as of late and I feel that some kind of award is in order. I have figured out how to completely compartmentalize my emotions as to not spread my inner turmoil amongst the family. I listen to music LOUD which is a playlist on my phone and use that to reset myself before interacting with those around me. I think its working because as far as I can tell no one knows that I am flipping the fuck out right now. And speaking of the F-Bomb that Cee Lo Green song entitled Fuck You is my current favorite. If you don’t have it I suggest the unedited version. awesome. I even grabbed the video cause that’s how I roll.

Today I get to meet with the executioner from the bank that has taken our company over.This dude has some fancy title that sounds like ass and knee but I think is just assignee spoken with a foreign lilt to make it sound more impressive. His business card should just read “The asshole whats here to clean up the mess made by the people who ran this ship into the ground by firing all of you and selling everything of any value” that would be a long ass card but it might help some of these delusional people I work with figure out that its not all the evil banks fault that we find ourselves facing this awesome holiday season.

I will be pitching why he needs to act quickly on my team but if he doesn’t why we need something in writing about blowing up our pesky non-compete agreements. They are hard to enforce in this state but if someone wants to be a vengeful pain in the nuts they can cost you a couple thousand protect yourself dollars. I need a clean break so I can safely move on.

Note to my future children: Think back to the holidays 2010, how did I do? Did you have any idea I was going through all of this? If you didn’t I did my job. If I snapped in some way and ended up doing something dumb, sorry, I tried.

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