good evening campers and happy giving thanks

I am thankful for friends that will drive me to Denny’s at two in the morning after another successful Black Wednesday. I am also thankful for the tiny percentage of those friends who can get home and in bed after three and still manage to post up at 8:00am for the annual Turkey Bowl. And I am most thankful for our gracious Thanksgiving hosts who make sure that my old tired slightly hung-over sore self doesn’t have to do anything but drive my family to and from the event. Another great year on the books.

I am also thankful for the complete pussies that have run my current company into the ground. I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was completely shell shocked. These assholes made me be the Grim Reaper delivery boy as more than half the company was “furloughed” and I think they just couldn’t face anyone. I delivered the news to guys who haven’t worked anywhere else for the last twenty plus years. Wednesday will go down as one of the absolute worst days in my long and varied working career. It made no sense and I had no choice. Before you tell me that there’s always a choice yes I could have quit but that would have cost my family the much needed unemployment safety cash as well as the Obama COBRA that I might get if these a-holes manage to pay the insurance bill. I am thankful for them because every day I work with them I learn something new never-to-do.

Firing people who have worked for you for decades the day before Thanksgiving and having the new guy deliver the fun, classy.

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