what noooooooooo

not much better on the stupidtom work front as I alternate from the extremes of ruining lives and pitching this polished turd of a company. I’m going to stop writing about this now even though I find myself completely consumed by this whole experience because my problems are even beginning to bore ME. I figure that were all given different amounts of shite to wade through and I need to stop bleating about my current crap quagmire.

During todays existence I ran across a pleasant gal with what appeared to be mere months to live. She was in front of my at the Speedway having a coughing fit. The deep rumble of a thirty year smoker who acquiesced to her health by finally excepting filters. A cough so deep that I felt it in my own chest and I was hypnotized by the resonance which explains what happened next.

Normally when there are long lines at The Way I tear off two thirds of the protective straw wrapper leaving the remainder sticking out from the lid up like a drinking straw condom. Today I was in a hurry to start the fun so I forgot this vital safety precaution. Sure enough the coughing got so bad that my line mate turned her head as to spare the workers and possible shrapnel that might escape her small stained fist. This happened in slow motion but the moisture I felt on my cup holding hand caused me to dry heave.

Luckily the boys know of my pop eccentricities and didn’t bat an eye as I dropped the whole thing down the chute just before boiling my hands in the coffee sink. they even brought me more soap and a shot of hand san for good measure. Not even a sorry from my assailant but I am oddly comforted by the fact that she wont be out and about much longer spreading her holiday joy.

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