Say you were trying to look for a job whilst steering your current company down the drain. Actually it would be more accurate to say that I’m trying to keep it at the top of the bowl so everyone can jump off as safely as possible. You stay with said same company because you like the people that work there past and present and feel like you owe the owners for pulling you out of a former bad situation. So helping them sell or salvage as much as possible seems like the right thing to do even though it might not be in your best interest personally, financially, or mentally.

Then you set up an interview with a company who contacts you through LinkedIn and they turn out to be one of the companies bidding for the remaining assets of your current employer. Better yet the guy you are supposed to speak with tomorrow night is sitting across the table from you while you pitch. Awesomely awkward. Part sales pitch, part interview, all hard to handle with comfort.

The pitch went as well as a company in bankruptcy can hope but I have no idea how I came off. Calling the guy now will be an awesome conflict of interest so I just dashed off the email to the recruiter asking for a reschedule.  Oh well, such is my work life right now. And I apologize for this digression back into the work whine but if you could have been a fly on the wall before I recovered I’d bet I looked like someone with the flu trying to get out of every orifice. I even had to fight back a minor case of the flop sweats but then pulled through like a pro-ish.

I’m not going to set up anymore interviews until we finally pound a stake in this thing and pronounce it dead or until the checks no longer clear whichever comes first.

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