notes from a moody douche

I have nothing cohesive for you today as I can only reflect what’s currently occurring within the walls of my skull. With that in mind I am sitting here waiting for yet another in a series of endless save the company meetings and cleaning out my various note compiling devices. The first one is a recording but I have no idea how to post one of those from my phone so I will transcribe.

“I wonder what color the sky is on planet I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE? If these assholes cant figure out how stupid they sound pushing all the great things they’ve done in the past year while we sit with the bank representative assigned to administer our bankruptcy I am going to punch someone in the talking hole to make the awful noise stop.”

Long winded but relatively self explanatory. The next group of things I will lay out in random order list form. they come from the backs of business cards, scraps of paper, envelopes, you get the picture.

  • anagram for loyalty = ally toy
  • should my I change my job title on resume to Fucking Idiot that Stayed?
  • Holy shiatsu I need a gun, a bunch of plastic, and an airtight alibi
  • Car big enough for me, cheap enough for wallet, easy on gas, embarrass Maggie! (future Mag I apologize but if you’ll remember I am currently threatening to buy a Ford Party in lime green to drive myself around and teach you to do the same. If they still made the Pace you would know the true meaning of shame)
  • I think my knee just fell asleep. Is that even possible or am I having some specific localized stroke?
  • try to budget Christmas this year without making Liza’s head explode
  • Shit, can I work for any of these guys or do I need to jump on the job hunt horse as soon as the deal breaks?
  • me thinks it a bad sign that I get physically ill every time that a certain person opens his tooth flaps. screaming SHUTTHEFUCKUP would feel great until reality crashed in around me.
  • how does doodling like a mental patient help me concentrate on the boring?

Next up a phone interview with one of the perspective buyers where I will walk an inappropriate line of not wanting to bus toss current ownership whilst selling myself. This little situation is a sanity stretcher.

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