no post yesterday because I spent four and a half hours typing a market study to sell a company that I just want to get fired from but that’s a story that I’ve beat into a bloody stain. I relay that redundant information because I thought a stellar day like that would have put me in no mood to go to the annual neighborhood Christmas Party and I was partially correct. I had to snap myself out of the whiny baby state I had attained but it didn’t take long to remember that I was going to a party. I like parties, I’m in love with beer, and dam it I felt like dancing. The last part wasn’t true but I did end up dancing for almost two hours as my inoperable back and knees can attest today.

I am hobbling around like a ninety year old with brittle bones worried that the pounding in my head will somehow bring this whole thing tumbling to the ground. And by this whole thing I mean me. Great timing for the Sunday that you and your wife are taking your confirmation class for their day of service. OUCH. I’m typing this to look busy as I wait for the fistful of medication to start working. I don’t know if this is making much sense but I am really trying here as my brain just wants to type like I did when I was very young…ofvnoafdnoaeiufvoaenlksdam;cleptuvperhtuh;nvhpixduhgpiuhgiuchariuvenirhmpehbybb4985hy987-y1SA.;/Wskjgfnkssssssssssssssslknguinginejgbot0t00000f’NGXENZYGEOFGDYVCBUQR2-axsxgsvdtdtfsvsfdhvbhddsbLSDJG;LNGFDKJBNSIUGHPBDSNVCXJSD;LIGJGVG

AND THAT’S ALL I’ve got to say about that. (sorry for the type shout on and that’s all, must have smashed the caps lock there at the end.)

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