OK so the big whiney beyotch was complaining about going on the Day of Service with our confirmation class. Just because I was a tad bit on the over hung side and I would miss a complete day of football… Then I find out that not only am I the driver but I will also be a participant. sweet. Then my giant ass ended up at a battered women’s shelter. My troubles are nothing compared to what these women and children are currently living. No address or name on the shelter the only giveaway is the iron bars covering every possible opening on the first floor and the double layer of buzzers to get in and out. The typical stay is between three and six months while the courts figure out what to do with the assholes that tried to kill their significant others and sometimes the kids as well. I am an asshole.

We decorated the whole place with Christmas everything and my high school kids played games with the families. I ended up talking to two of the older boys who were obviously having some troubles being away from dad. The giant bald biker looking dude wasn’t a big hit amongst the battered women anyway and I couldn’t blame them. I could barely stand myself that day. It turned out to be a good experience confirming the fact that I don’t do enough to help those around me. Strike that, I don’t really think about people that are going through things I cant imagine because I’m so caught up in feeling sorry for myself and my current work situation.

Then today on NPR (I took the Sirius out of my company car in anticipation of the turn in so I am in constant seek mode while driving) I listened to a dude that studies happiness. I’m paraphrasing a half hour of enlightening data comparisons but it boiled down to more money doesn’t mean more happiness. In fact he pointed out that people who have no sense of accomplishment or achievement are some of the most depressed folks around. And as our country became wealthier on average out overall happiness decreased exponentially. The other thing that stuck in my head is that people don’t really care how much they make as long as its more than their friends. We are a screwed up bunch of humans.

So it should come as no surprise that I’m currently looking for an avenue to help my fellow man. Nothing other than some selfless acts of improving the lives of others. I’m not going to write about this unless it gets funny but the prospect of filling my idol woe is me time with some good is refreshing. And you’ll never guess who are the happiest segment of the population. Yup, it is those who figure out how to make their lives bigger than just themselves. Baby steps, but I think moving in the right direction.

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