I said Id be back today and here I am. Rock you like a hurricane. Sorry for that brief Scorpions interlude but I’m not always in control. Anywho, I was out and about today in a cloud of fake work but I did manage to cram in an interview and a television purchase. I was over at the BestBuy to pick up a cheap TV to replace the dead ones that were downstairs. we had an old school rear projection that wouldn’t quite line up. If you’ve ever had one of these beauties you know what I’m talking about. The guns go out of line and the edges of the picture look like 3D without the glasses. Next up was the eight year old plasma that I attempted to resurrect but five hours of my life that I’ll never get back and a $250 just to look at it fee means that its time to put a bullet in that one as well.

Zoinks! Giant light bulb just lit up over my head. I need to figure out an event where we can shoot these TVs. Not only will that be some entertaining video but it fills some basic destructive need deep inside of me. The first thing that comes to mind is New Years Day, all guys, all day, all good. I need to speak with my host. The best plans are the ones that just slap you in the head out of nowhere.

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