Make plans, have them completely screwed, wash, rinse, repeat. I am in the midst of biorhythm cavitation. I just made that up but it describes the way I’m feeling as best I can. I have no idea if I’m even close but I used cavitation to describe that thing when you’re flying down the highway and you accidently roll down a back window. That pressure filled all consuming confusion… I always thought that was cavitation. Probably not but who has time to look crap like that up. Well I do at the moment but I’m not going to as this little side trip has already taken me off course. Awesome if my misuse of a twenty-five cent word made that sentence unintentionally funnier. And what the hell is a twenty-five cent word. Was there a time when one might be paid for expanding ones vocabulary? If so a quarter seems like exploitation, larceny, or purloining. (one more and somebody owes me a dollar)

In a work related but in no way whining about it story I had to explain to one of the other survivors on what I am calling Stupid Island that the half hour soliloquy that he just delivered made absolutely no sense. Without giving away and details that I’ve signed a dozen confidentiality agreements preventing me from doing any such thing my current company is, for those who haven’t been following along, in bankruptcy. The remaining, surviving, people that are left, about twelve percent of the former company and of which I am one are all huddled around waiting for what comes next. We are currently in negotiations with a couple of buyers and other members of the management team that I now strangely find myself a part of are certifiably bat-shit crazy. I can only tell you that I refused to talk anymore crazy talk for the day and left the head office at noon in a huff.

I really have no idea how I find myself in these predicaments. I think that there is an evil controlling part of my brain that craves the upheaval of tragically poor career choices. What fun would a long career at a stable company be? Oh, and the lease company called tonight and they need to make arrangements for me to return the company car. Let’s see how long I can slow roll these folks.

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