I am remiss

I forgot to thank Pete for the faux wood looking vinyl floor that fell off of a truck into our lower level. Nothing says industrial luxury quite like dark hardwood and cafeteria grade rubber baseboard. I have an almost uncontrollable urge to play floor hockey down here but Liza already got pissed when I put some divots in the stuff after a lazy furniture moving accident. OK in her defense the lines on the new floor were nothing compared to snapping the complete lower banister assembly off but I got over it quickly so I see no reason why she couldn’t do the same…


Pretty sweet eh? And I am teasing you with the new state of the mediocre LCD TV we got to replace the rear projection piece of shite that was dying. This is the finest television that three hundred and seventy-nine dollars can buy. I would like to thank the children chained to the Dynex assembly line for their fine work and ability to deliver rock bottom prices. That nine year old Sony big screen cost us twenty five hundred dollars. I consider this, my second fine Dynex purchase a toilet paper TV.


I have also commandeered the desk from the main level and am in the process of making it my own. I sit on that exercise ball while I work because it entertains me. I had a ball for a while at the old company but you cant really have one at work unless you run things. That way if people damage it in a gigantic ball soccer game they run right out and buy you a new one. 

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