They made me return my car today. that’s right, I am complaining that my now bankrupt company forced me to return my completely free automobile today but as douchey as that sounds it is still a pain in my nuts. So now I need to decide if I want to go out and get a new car or just put on the full court job hunt and make a vehicle part of the deal again. Ahhh the Holidays. A relaxing time to spend with Family and friends. My snow blower passed away over the summer and despite the best efforts of modern mechanical medicine he could not be revived. I’m going to go old school for a while and try to find a kid or kids to pay to do the work. I have a secret desire to buy a quad with a plow blade to use and ride around the neighborhood so the kid shovel deal helps me buy some time to figure that out.

I am crafting quite the upper-middle class country song today with my complaints about losing free cars while I’m still being paid and my snow blower not working so I might have to get my fat ass out and shovel some snow once in a while. Absolutely ridiculous. I need an attitudinal enema.

And speaking of (well it was earlier so technically I missed the segue window but tough shit) job hunting I already have an offer and a half on the table and I haven’t officially begun to look. I have another interview next week but have no will to switch jobs until I can officially pound a stake in the heart of this one. I’m learning a ton and if we come out whole on the other side with new owners I could end up working for them as well. In the back of my mind I cant help thinking that this is somehow preparing me for something down the road. Maybe my hundred jobs, no degree, encyclopedia of useless knowledge, love of writing and all things smartassed, are getting me ready for something great. If not I need to find the greatness in my every day life.

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