Are you tweeting

“Am I what? Oh, tweeting. No. I don’t really know what I would say.” I know this sounds ironic as you are reading this narcissistic pile of nonsense but I really don’t get the whole twitter thing. I think I’m officially an old man in that regard. I do have a twitter account and there was a time where I figured out how to have the stuff I type here end up there but I’m not sure if that still works or not. I need the account because every once in a while some celebrity will post a picture of their anatomy that I hear about and have to see. I have already admitted that I am powerless against the female form and if you add celebrity you might as well call it crack.  Take this picture of Beth Ostroski Stern that she sexted to Howard and then he put up on The Twitter.

Beth Stern

This is the stuff that I gots to see. And by the way I know its not The Twitter but I like calling it that because it annoys the youngsters. Also the conversation I was having earlier was from a random woman at work while I was typing into this thing from my phone and she did ask if I was tweeting. I could have answered with the ultra-geekdork No in point of fact I am Blogging but that just hurt typing so I’m pretty sure I couldn’t spit it out loud with any success. Anyway back to the twitter. I get my pic info from the internet and am never surprised by the twidiots that make their money from publicity.


Demi liked the way she looked that day.


Ashton thought this picture of Demi in her big underpants would be funny to tweet. And there are some supposed sexting tweets from Miley Cyrus but I’m not sure exactly how old she is so I’ll just post my favorite picture of her.

miley manmountain

I’m not sure if its an optical illusion of some kind but it looks like this man mountain could literally bite her head off without much trouble. She doesn’t look as scared as she should… Twit on Tweeters and please let me know if you decide to twoot anything questionable as I like to judge all of that stuff myself.

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