update from yesterday

Just in case you thought I’d completely lost my mind for the horrendous swear-a-thon at work yesterday this morning a conference call was held to basically apologize to me for the implication that I wasn’t “on board” with everything that has been going on with the company. That was followed up by an employment contract from one of the possible buyers which was more than generous. This all confirms that plans have been made around me without me. When the dust clears I will interview with the winning bidders and then decide what I want to do with myself. If this doesn’t sit well with the current crowd oh well.

They had better just leave me alone during this process lest I get and decide to start actively screwing with people to entertain myself through the holidays. I’m not being a prima donna here I am angry that these guys have the balls to build a business plan around my work without consulting with one of the lynch pins. And after this mornings call I now think I’m the fulcrum. I caution them because I can easily turn into the fulcrum to the axis of evil. OK enough already. I just caught myself trying to figure out another wagon reference and this was supposed to be a quick update. sorry

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