an eggsellent question

There was really no need for that old school Batman villain speak in the title to this post other than to pay homage to the great Vincent Price and his brilliant portrayal of egghead. I always loved him because he took his skin pigmentation or lack there of and egg shaped head and turned it into super-evil with the slightest hint of the effeminate. I always thought that Egghead, the Riddler, and King Tut had some kind of alternative lifestyle thing going on but that is probably a discussion for another day. The question in question comes from a long time reader who wishes to remain nameless in case I already wrote about this and they missed it or if it will make me mad to answer. I’m never sure eggsactly what I write about from day to day and I would never get mad about a legitimate question. The inquiry is as follows:

“if your work is so weird right now why don’t you just find another job?”

Here is normally where I would fire off something witty about the economy or call the person the Mayor of Obvioustown but I want to answer this one. It boils down to two things. One, I was stupid and signed a very restrictive non-compete agreement with my current company and while they try and get as much money as possible in this sale they are floating out some nuisance law suits to protect the asset. They could not win in court but the roughly five grand it would cost me to defend would sure feel like a loss to me. They also have taken action against the new employers. Again not really winning except making them pay even more in lawyers fees. This is now a bank that were talking about and their legal team is on the payroll. So reason one is I want this thing to dry up and blow away so I don’t get sued.

Reason number two is that if I quit I will have yet another period of heinous COBRA payments while I wait for a new jobs benefits to kick in and that my friends simply blows a homeless dude. If I get fired I gets me the cheap Obama COBRA which is one third the cost for my family. That plus the unemployment dough while I’m looking is exactly why I am torturing myself with this current situation. I hope that helps nameless reader whose name rhymes with Paul.

In another Ask Stupidtom that I skipped from a couple weeks ago because it was really a suggestion… I was told that exercise might help my then and current stress levels. Well, I discovered a new Sensei on the internet and as soon as I can get in touch with him I will begin my studies. I think I already own the makings of his official Gi.

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