the buzzer is sounding

In honor of Don Meredith my inner sound track is singing “turn out the lights, the parties over” as this company enters the last of its theatrical death spasms. I have heard from a couple sources deeper inside than I that today is going to be the final day and I write this not to whine but to let you know that I’m screwing with the current owner to the last. It’s really the owners son who now runs things and both he and his father have a terrible time delivering bad news. This is the same dynamic duo that had me fire people with more than thirty years of service to their family business setting the bar for worst day of work ever. A guy that has been with the company shows up to take the keys from a dude who has never worked anywhere else, priceless.

So it is with a light heart that I torture this moron today and although it feels a little like burning ants I push on just the same. I have already received two calls this morning and when the stammering and voice breaking that signifies the coming of unpleasant news I steamroll the conversation with everything I’m getting done today. By the time I’m done I’ve got to get off the phone because I’m so busy but I always close with IS THERE ANYTHING YOU NEEDED TO TELL ME? The game is to see how many calls it takes to let me know that the game has ended. Vegas has the over under set at four but I fell that all depends on timing. If I make this too tough it will just come in email form. I am currently working on an email contingency plan in the form of a flaming copy everyone in my address book carpet bomb correspondence of my own.

I’ll try and write more tonight from my babysitting extravaganza unless I cant pay one of the girls to come along with me in which case I will be up to my elbows in diapers and toys.

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