I’m breaking down and buying a car

I’ve always felt slick with my ability to negotiate a company vehicle but right now its hard to be smug whilst borrowing your friends car while he sits in a hospital. I already changed the oil and before I return it the inside will get cleaned because he is a pig but being without a car of your own is not a feel good for me. If I lived in the city and life was within walking distance then I don’t think id care as much but no car equals trapped in my brain so I find myself back in the hunt for wheels.

The biggest obstacle that I’m currently facing is my complete apathy towards what I drive. I just don’t give a crap as long as I fit and it starts every morning. I am freaking the dealers out a little with my total lack of care. There is no way to set the hook with me. Not color, not style, not features, nothing. A sales dude on Friday got so frustrated that he tried to shame me by offering a Ford Fiesta. When I said “Awesome! I’ve been torturing my daughter with that car already. Do you have it in God Awful Green or Horrendous Orange?” He backed off and pointed me back toward the Focus that we originally spoke about.

I had his head spinning because I went in there to drive an Edge so I could get my 2500 Best Buy reward zone points. They are giving me fifty dollars to test drive a car and I don’t have a lot going on right now so why not. Then I went back and looked at my beloved F150s but there’s NO WAY I’m putting the fuel in one of those on my nickel. He tried to sweet talk me into four wheel drive so I let him know I used it twice in the four years I drove one so I thought I could make due without. Anyway this is turning into a boring school report but Ford has Zero percent money for five years that I easily qualify for while I’m still employed so it looks like I’m on a two week purchase clock.

Free money is enticing so the next step is to buy something cheap enough that it makes sense with a potential vehicle allowance. I am still not driving around this area for work and paying for it if that can be avoided. I’ve got a couple interviews next week but I think the car will come before Christmas. Four other manufacturers are offering to give me a car on interest free terms so it looks like I’ve got a project. More on this later.

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