Merry Mexmas

Just finished up the annual Liza’s side of the family Christmas gathering and this years theme was Mexico. Don’t ask and I wont say anything that could possible get me in trouble. It is how my wife rolls and the party turned out great in spite a weeks worth of shit that she put up with from all of us. I should really step up and support her in these things but sometimes when they are put on a tee right in front of me I can’t help but swing away. Quote of the week came from Max when he asked Liza “Why didn’t you tell me we were Mexican?” I do so love my boy.

And now I sit by myself near the dishes with care in the hopes that Saint Stability soon will be here. I’m already beginning to ramp up mentally for a week of stress and discomfort. good times. No real complaints though because I have options where others have none. I am hyper sensitive this time of year because I worry about getting enough for my spoiled children not if I can afford to feed them. When its as cold outside as it has been I cant help but realize what a pussy I am bitching about the sprint from the warm car to the warm house or office. If I were truly homeless in this area I would be frozen to the sidewalk by my tear filled eyeballs.

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