quick nothing

here comes the snow and I have to head out to watch the Bears game because my home is being overrun by teenage girls. I like to pretend that this is a torture but I’m happy to get out. Not much in the way of an update other than I spent the back half of the day testing exactly how small a car can be before I could no longer tolerate it on a daily basis. I test drove a two seater because the clown cars I was trying might as well have only had two seats but I think in one of these micro machines I’ll need the backseat to throw my man-bag in to make entry and egress easier on my too big self. No matter what I end up with its going to be funny as anything I can fit comfortably in is more money than I’m willing to part with right now. I swore I’d never buy new again but these folks are offering me free money for five years and I’m going to take them up on it. I would love to try and post more later tonight but my ride is coming and that usually means self control issues.

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