And the winner is…

The envelope please, oh who am I kidding there are probably people in the hood who already saw me packed into this beauty. Before we get to that I’ll break down the numbers. Remember I had a number of dealers racing toward twenty thousand dollars for my new car knowing that depending on what financing I settled for could go as high as twenty five. The winner came in at twenty one thousand with a whole bunch of crap I didn’t need. Leather, bad navigation, but I got my Bluetooth and that’s all I cared about. Oh, and it’s a Hybrid so paying for my own gas should be less painful. This was before the tax man and the warranty that took it up to five years or a hundred thousand miles bumper to bumper but I still did well and am happy overall.

Before I show you a picture I need to tell you a little story about the poor things name. Yes I am one of those people who names their inanimate objects. I always have and I blame it on my aunts who unilaterally named their cars as far back as I can remember. Rosebud, Sally, the rest are escaping me right now but I started this strange behavior by naming my bikes throughout the years. Computers get a name as well partially because the network requires it but also because I like my things to have names. I’m typing to you now on The Great Gazoo. I’ll explain that one later DumDum I need to get back to the car name at hand. I was all set to go with a Go-cart type name because that’s what I feel like I’m driving and probably look like as well but much like the unlucky kid who shits themselves in grade school nickname tragedy struck and stuck.

Liza of all people was making fun of me and my lack of care about anything other than price so when I showed up with this little white thing she said “it looks like a suppository.” Awesome, funny, I laughed and resisted the urge to lash out about insertion but now every time I try to name it my mind is all over the gutter. I find myself stuck on the Tampax Pearl (the color is something like Spectrum White Pearl) or Pearl for short and I think that’s what it will be. Sad really but what can you do? So here is a quick picture from the phone


Get it out of your systems before you see me because depending on how far down the line of smartasses you are my skin might be thinner than usual. I really don’t care as the middle child will be driving in a very short time and this is what she will learn on and probably take over some day so its just another one of those things. I do want to get some bumper stickers made like YAH,  IT’S A CIVIC BITCH! Jealous? and YOU MIGHT AS WELL PASS ME BECAUSE I’M PLAYING WITH THE MPG. It is like driving a video game as it real time tracks your miles per gallon. I am rolling at a non-impressive 39 right now because I spent so much time inside, parked, with the engine running screwing around with the satellite radio. I’ve got to improve my stats because its really all this thing has going for it and I learned long ago to play to ones strengths.


This is the first Speedway pop in Pearl (ouch) and I felt that moment should be saved. You can see the fancy place I bought this beauty from on the other paper floor mat. I learned that I got such a good deal because things have been slow at the Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Infinity, Honda dealership this year and they are trying to move some out. Who woulda thunk it? They beat the next closest Honda dealer by fifteen hundred and that’s all I really cared about. One last note on the whole car shopping thing to put it to bed. The whole zero percent interest thing pissed me off because they were fluffing those cars by about a grand. Toyota, Ford, Chevy, all the same. About a thousand above the Consumer reports average thingy. So I also consider the just under six hundred dollars in interest over the life of the loan a win as well. When you bring it up they treat you like you are too stupid to buy a car. Just a note cause it pissed me off.

Later on when I run out of other things to write about I’ll post some more pictures. You’re not really getting it in the pop pic but Pearl (easier that time) is rockin some sweet blue leather.

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