Merry Pissmas

If you have arrived here by searching for a fetish holiday I sincerely apologize this has nothing to do with your golden celebration please click away accordingly. For those of you who are semi-regular here and who am I kidding that is pretty much everyone reading this nonsense this post is about my job or soon to be lack there of. That’s right the same company that forced me to fire an assload of tenured people the day before Thanksgiving in order to make itself sellable is letting me go on an equally appropriate day, Christmas Eve. Yup, I will no longer be paid after tomorrow. awesome. Weird but I thought it would happened a week later on my birthday; Anyway you slice it it comes up perfect. No worries two interviews next week while I wait to hear on a third. I might not get Barbie’s Dream Job but I’ll take anything while I look for something “real.” Back to my job of finding a job. Seriously, don’t give this another thought! There are a lot of people in much worse shape than I and I’m not worried. Partially because I have no pride when it comes to work and I am willing to do anything. I wrote about this because I found my farewell to this doomed company fitting and ironic. Get your Christmas on and if not, enjoy Festivus.

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