and to all a good night

Awesome Christmas Eve again even though I technically lost my job today but I just finished watching It’s a Wonderful Life and I’m ready for anything. I even jumped over to Hulu to watch the SNL alternate ending where Mr. Potter gets the shit kicked out of him for stealing the eight grand. My ending is similar but George takes the twenty-five thousand from Sam Wainright just because he telegrams that annoying Hee Haw, fixes the house, and sends Uncle Billy to kill Potter because he is the screw-up that lost the money and it’s an honor thing. They’ve got the police in their pocket anyway and who would miss that cranky old a-hole. Pour him into the foundation of one of the new homes and no one would be the wiser. Mr. Martini could probably help with the disposal as well and Mr. Gower has access to whatever chemicals might be needed to dissolve most of the flesh…With Potter out of the way everyone can live happily ever after and maybe his no good brother Harry can come back and tend the shitty family business for a while. anyway, I digress.

So now we wait for the kids to go to sleep and speaking of kids if any of my future children are reading this for your reference this is the year that I told Max about the realities behind Santa. the rule still applies though, anyone caught openly disbelieving doesn’t get a visit from the man which means a couple less things for yours truly to do so zip it in case little ears are near. The only Santa’s to avoid are the obvious adults disguising their true identities which should always be avoided at all costs.

I had just enough beer tonight to make sleeping relatively easy if we could just start the setup fun. My bride is a stickler for the order and tradition of things. and so I wait. Luckily plenty of beer left. Merry Christmas to ALL!

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