Sorry, preoccupied

This is the first full day of my full day of looking and already my wife is throwing a monkey in the wrench. Her confidence is so high in my ability to find a job that we are headed up to Michigan this week so I’m cramming as much hunting in as possible today and this evening. I type this with the sounds of full-on warfare in the background as my son bangs away on the new Xbox. I’ll post some more funny once I’m convinced that I have completed my first barrage of resumes and calls. Possibly as soon as tomorrow morning.

One quick note I will not be talking about the mileage game I’ve been playing in the new car as someone ruined it with an email. You know who you are so there’s no need to type names but HYPERMILING, really? Did you have to not only tell me that it has a name but you needed to provide the Wikipedia link as well? Consider the subject closed and wrecked. ecoahole.

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