another year has come and gone

I know that title sounds like the beginning to a poem of some sort but its just a line that represents my thoughts on missing yet another year of Christmas cards. I’m going to tap at least one of my fancy camera wielding friends to take some pictures of my dam family with our menagerie of pets so I can have them ready for next year. Maybe I’ll send out a Christmas in Spring card that could be viewed as very late or spectacularly early. I know its time for a family publicity photo because we are dropping off of some peoples card lists probably because they think we don’t send one to them when in fact we send nothing to no one. Time to fix that problem.

Of course some have been offended in the past by my making fun of the death and disease notices that come folded up inside of some while others took exception to my calling them Press Kits when all the news was great and spectacular. The last one I composed didn’t make it past the family Editor-in-Chief. It would seem that some of my parodies cut a little too deep for her taste. By the way I always thought that last phrase was Editor AND Chief but I learned something today. Anyway, Liza’s family already has a joke writer in its midst and some of my update was aimed directly there. So if I include a note it will be my own for sure but no direct attacks on individuals no matter how true or poignant. (I have no idea if that’s the correct spelling of that word and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever typed it. woo hoo.)

The other thing that our card MUST include and this is the stumbling block between my bride and I is that the picture must include the two of us as well. I like seeing some people’s kids, the ones I know, but for the most part and please don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t give a shit. If I knew you twenty years ago I want to see what YOU look like. More importantly I want to know what your spouse looks like. It’s the judgmental voyeur in me but be honest with yourselves, do you really care what the kids look like or do you want to see what hand life has dealt your old friend? I don’t need an answer as I bask in my self satisfaction.

So this is my prevailing though after my first official day working at my third job this year. Why, you might ask? (not so sure about that question mark) Because after one complete days work it is clear that this is not my long term future gig. Lots O reasons that I might go into later but this feeling in my considerable gut is rarely wrong. Oh well, I’m getting pretty good at this job search thing.

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