the lack of post yesterday was completely on me as I was applying a time tested method of making things happen. Growing up if our food was taking too long to arrive at a restaurant my father would excuse himself and head for the bathroom with the theory that the order would come while he was away. This was made more exciting if he ordered steak because he ordered it just waved under the heat lamps so it came out of the kitchen at almost room temperature. He had to time things perfectly to enjoy his kill, er, I mean steak. So in that same spirit and as you might have been able to tell from the picture we headed up to Michigan for the night.

On the ride up I negotiated this new gig that begins today and then once we got there we began the house sale dance with the Albatross of repairs and bills that’s been hanging around my neck since February. That deal was completed on the drive back so once I got home I had to print things and fax them, re sign some stuff, blah blah blah. The buyer picked a closing date which just happened to be Liza’s mom’s birthday. This is weird as we have been trying to sell the house off and on for a year and now someone swoops in and wants to close on that of all days. Color me a little creeped out. So again sorry about the lack-o-post but if work is as slow todaqy as I think it will be you might get a twofor.

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