I rate my gifts

No I don’t rate the gifts that I get because that would be incredibly rude and I would win year after year because I buy myself the things I really want so its not really fair. I’m kidding if you are my future children reading this and of course I loved every single piece of crap that you bought me at the last minute. Again, do I have to explain? You’ve known me your entire life, deal with it. Anyway back to the point of this post. The best gift I gave this year (other than the Xbox 360 but I don’t count it because buying that for Max was as obvious as someone in the future buying me real working x-ray specs. that wont count either and I will never write again. too much too see.) was a stocking stuffer from the awesome people at Think Geek.

photo (4)

That’s right it says Unicorn Meat.

photo (5)

This is why I love the stuff from thinkgeek.

photo (1)

It’s all about the details.

photo (6)

My child and I share the same sense of humor whether she wants to admit that or not. Future Maggie, I’d bet you still have this somewhere. Dad RULES!

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