One of the nice things about driving a tiny car is if you do happen to get distracted and swerve a little bit you don’t really cross any lines. I could drive a slalom course all in the confines of my chosen lane. Today as I multitasked which means driving to talk with customers while desperately trying to secure a job that doesn’t make my other personalities scream WHAT ARE WE DOING! I need to find a career not just a job and its as simple as that. So I was knee driving while writing down the address for my interview on Monday and to make myself feel better about interviewing whilst working elsewhere its scheduled for six thirty. I am one strange ranger.

I noticed a couple other things today but I have to keep them disconnected and out of context for a bunch of reasons. The following is a random list of observations in no particular order.

men should not wear wigs. I don’t care what you spend on it everyone can tell. If you cant stand the site of your bald head or your some kind of human-shar pei genetic cross breed like Scotty Pippin then might I suggest hats. If you start sweating before I do given all of my personal body armor and insulation then your hair hat is trapping too much body heat.

The N-word is never attractive but when uttered in a business meeting as part of normal conversation its just downright ugly. I would rather the offender had dropped his pants and put his junk on the conference table. It would have been easier to get past and I’m not sure the lone female would have excused herself.

The further South and East you move in this state the scarier things get. I stopped at a local drug store and asked for some new skin. The druggist looked down at my crotch. I’m not sure what the sex craze is down there and I don’t think I want to know. Plus I paid seven bucks for glorified superglue. something is definitely wrong down there. geographically not in my own crotchal regions.

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