So I said I would try not to obsess over my miles per gallon or write about that hypermiling nonsense but it will be obvious by the picture I took on the way home that I am a liar. I am constantly hovering around the forty miles per gallon mark and I was beginning to get upset so I did a little research. Did anyone else hear that Uh-Oh? Yup, I got sucked in and spent an hour last night when I should have been sleeping reading about the ridiculous things that can be done to increase your stats. I say ridiculous because they universally tell you to drive slowly and no matter how hard I try that just aint me. Besides, now that I’m driving a foot off of the ground normal speeds seem awfully fast.

photo (8)

OK it does say 72 on the speedometer and I’m tracking a 213 mile two day tank fill but I’m only getting like I said around 40 MPG. And just before sleep I read that there is a break-in period of around five thousand miles until you really start to see some good numbers. That’s a load of shite. I want my impossible gas mileage today to make myself feel better about weaving this little thing in and out of traffic. By the way I think I am going to turn into that guy who feels the need to pass all other hybrid vehicles because I know they are following the rules and driving exactly fifty five. I joined one of those forums last night just so I could call bullshit on this dubious claim by these smelly hippies that wind resistance doubles exponentially as you go beyond 55. My exact quote was as follows:

“Just because you repeat type things from other hyper nonsense websites doesn’t make it true. I’m sure you are an aeronautical engineer who will quote some drag coefficient equation proving me wrong but I think you are just some moron who wants to feel superior to everyone around him by driving slowly so that everyone can see your driving a hybrid. I imagine a series of mini-lectures to your poor passengers about the evils of driving 56. Look how wasteful the gluttonous Americans are…”

This from a douche who posts a picture of his fruity little hybrid dashboard on his internet diary.

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