had to fix yesterday and clarify

I posted late and it didn’t stick so I tried again but in doing so I reread part of it and now feel the need to clarify. By the way that is precisely the reason I don’t reread my own stuff and that also explains why things read so polished and professional like. Anyway, it kind of sounded like I was whining about work and my life but that’s not what I was going for at all. I have a great family, great friends, in fact once my father-in-laws house finally sells my life will be in a great place relatively speaking. That is except for my current dead-end-trained-chimp job. If the majority of my waking hours are going to be spent doing something it should be something worth while and that I enjoy doing. Weird, spoiled, asking too much? I don’t know but something I do know is that I need to make a change.

I need to figure out how to be and get happy with work or get out and move on to something else. That was all I was trying to say yesterday. enough about that and so ends a really weak post.

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