Blown off for an interview this morning

and it serves me right… I try and do this the honorable way and take the clenched fist up the poop chute. I woke up at 4:40am to get out the door by 5:00 as I had an interview on the South Side of Chicago at 6:30 but had no idea about traffic. Just as I was closing in on the interview spot the dude I was supposed to meet calls me hoping he caught me in time. He was flying out of Atlanta to interview me and wasn’t sure if I saw the news last night (thus placing a little of the blame my way) but he sat on the ground for three hours before being let off the plane. I told him no problem because this is going to turn into an interview after all but as soon as I hung up I swore for ten minutes straight. This is some kind of awesome payback for me trying to do the correct thing by scheduling an early interview so as not to interfere  with my regularly scheduled work day.

And then to add on to my Karmic pile two more travel dates have been plopped onto my schedule for February along with the College trip for Katie and I, oh, plus a hopeful house closing. I am a one legged ass kicking contest cat in a room full of rocking chairs or something like that. All the while yours truly needs to find some work that gives him some self worth. I watch the people around me at this current company convince themselves that they are working hard and accomplishing great things and it just makes me want to go on a slapping spree. But like all good addictive personalities I know that once I throw that first slap I wont be able to stop. Hopefully I’d be able to sharpen my hand splints in jail to defend myself.

I am in one hot liquid shit of a bad mood right now and this BSC championship game had better be a good one.

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