All of this introspection is beginning to chap my inner ass so I’m taking a break for a while. Work is going to be just that until I stumble upon a career and as long as I work a little each day on that quest I should be able to keep myself relatively sane. So now I’ll do a little extrospection and while the little red squiggles tell me that’s not a word it what I’m doing right now so suck it grammar police.

I want to talk for a second about this shooting tragedy thing in Tucson. First, we used to live there and I have to admit that I ducked a little the first time I saw an openly armed person walk into a Circle K. (the Tucson Speedway) I was also lucky enough to shoot all sorts of questionably legal firearms with some of the guys I worked with out in the desert. I am not really for or against gun ownership. I don’t have any of my own but I like the fact that I have some heavily armed friends. All of this is off of my original track because what I really mean to say about this whole thing is I’m having a hard time caring.

I know that’s not the correct opinion to have but I think I would care more if the shooter weren’t crazy. Seriously, what did I read about a skull shrine in his backyard? What the hell is up with his parents? Just look at that goofy screw ball. If any of your children have that look in their eyes like the main picture that’s going around its time to act. How you handle it is your business but you really slept in the same house with this


and didn’t feel the need to arm yourself and warn the neighbors? Zoinks, I guess the dad is crazy as well but he needs to be tuned up just for not letting anyone in on the crazy he was brewing. If I ever stumble across a skull shrine in the backyard everyone gets locked down with zip ties until I figure out what the hell is going on.

The other problem I’m having is putting this thing in context. There are places on this planet and I would say in our own country where worse things happen every day as a fact of life. Those people, if ever made aware of this story during their daily struggle to dodge bullets of their own, would be looking for the rest of the article that makes this so tragic. We are just lucky enough to have this shock us, I can’t imagine having to attend church in secret or worry about having the wrong sex child.

Horrible? yes. One of my own shot, then I’m probably in a cell down the block for my visit to his folks, but this isn’t a story that deserves all of this play. Tragic? yes. But I feel like the scale is out of whack on this one. And a quick side note: Sarah Palin can fuck off for saying the target on her website was a surveyors scope. If your going to be a gun nut then let it fly sister. No one is dumb enough to buy your spin. Too bad because I might have voted for your delusional ass before that comment. I was a Ross Perot guy who firmly believes that this country needs to be run by a crazy person just to keep the rest of the world at bay.

I’ll hop off of my box now but at least I wasn’t whining about my job…

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