routine schmroutine

I am mostly a creature of habit. I like things a certain way and I tend to get stuff done in that same fashion. A major loop was thrown my way today as I learned after a near heart attack that this company pays once a week. Not only did I think that my already lighter than I want it to be paycheck was screwed up by half but they have screwy rules about expenses, car allowance etcetera. I am in a strict bill pay cycle and now that’s all about to change. The hits just keep on coming with this place. I also just finished typing my nasty-gram to what’s left of my formal employer trying to get them to hurry up and begin the rectal rape that is COBRA for my family. This aught to be good. The last time I paid for that awesome insurance I didn’t shit right for a week. If it doesn’t come soon or they are pulling some out of business shenanigans I am going to go ape-shit.

Wait, ape-shit confuses me because I don’t really understand the correlation between primate feces and craziness so I’d like to amend that last statement or basically change my threat. How about I’m going to punch someone until they get Polio, no too weird. How about a favorite from my childhood “I’ll slap a harelip on you.” I think that one has some political correctness issues which I normally wouldn’t mind in a threat but I should update it to something like “I’ll cleft your pallet but good!” Anyway, if something goes dodgy with the insurance thing I’ll never hear the end of it so someone will have to pay and that’s all I’m going to say about that. I need to try and wrap my head around this paid once a week thing.

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