warning; bored thumb typing ahead

I’m sitting here waiting for a meeting to start and my customer in an old school power move called me five minutes before the official start time and told me he is running about a half hour late. As I am the new guy I’m being tested and as I noticed that he thought I’d want to reschedule I went the other way. When he said he might be as long as an hour I said that was fine because I had another potential customer five minutes away that wanted me to stop by and why don’t we just call it an hour so I can spend some time over there. Potential competition that these guys weren’t thinking about when they started playing screw with the sales guy drives them crazy.

Questions about who I was seeing were deftly deflected so here I sit hiding a couple miles away typing to you with my thumbs figuring the best way to play this meeting in an hour. I think I’m going to go with patronizing. Like I don’t really need his business because the phantom company is getting ready to give me all of the business I need in this area thank you very much. A Prick less vengeful than myself would probably just run a standard meeting at this point but I am me and hard to change in some regards.

I just gave some change to a homeless dude because he wasn’t trying to trick me with a pithy faded cardboard sign, no pictures of his supposed homeless kids, and no mangy dog tethered to a sign. Just a dude going through some shit begging for money. I was rewarding the simplicity of it all. I even gave him extra when he didn’t react to my terrible attempt at humor “hey you don’t by chance have a great radio voice that I could film?” Blank stare, well done, let me get you a little more cash. I’m going to wander around Target for a while, maybe read a couple of magazines while I wait. It is a complete bitch working such an intellectually stimulating and life altering job…

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