Day one of Dad and the animals weekend

The family has ditched me to go skiing up in Michigan this weekend and I find myself pondering the lasting consequences of making a couple pets disappear before they get back. I went out back to get something off the tragically uncovered patio and left the door open but the dumbass dog was the only one to follow me outside. And if I locked that idiot out he would throw himself against this house of sticks until he eventually broke his way in. And nobody needs to be fixing a perimeter breech in this weather.

There is a part of me fighting the urge to act up like a pet left behind on a trip as I’ve done in the past. Normally I tear something apart when everyone ditches me for more than a day at a time but we have reached a point where a project begun without professional help will impact life here in the castle and nobody needs that right now. I’m thinking about making a run at straightening the garage but since the builder decided forty years ago that it needed as much insulation as a cardboard box the slab of concrete actually radiates the cold making that space about ten degrees colder than it is outside. I am probably not taking that on today.

So here I sit and I think that here I shall remain. I have some other busy work around the house to catch up on and a pile of bad TV to keep running in the background. I’m wearing my weekend uniform of jeans and a sweatshirt but the jeans now seem too formal for the occasion so I might revert to sweats and that could be my big decision making accomplishment. I miss being up at the house with them but I don’t miss the insanity surrounding getting ready for the skiing. Thinking about that ass-pain just made me smile. Plus Liza has our kids and Kris took her three boys so the fun is double the usual. Better that I sit down here plotting pet disappearances.

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