Dear guy looking for Huge

As I sit here getting ready to watch my beloved and frustrating Bears I wanted to jot down a thought that has been floating around for the last month but I keep forgetting to write about it. If you write on you see a dashboard when you sign in to do your business. Every time I do that I cant help but glance at the stats but right under that is this thing called Top Posts Past Week and my top post bar none every week is Dear Huge Tits Lesbian Trio. This was a post where I wrote back to one of my spammers but I’m not kidding myself thinking that post was anything special. Nope it just proves how bored and pathetic most web surfers are. Seriously, who puts those words together in a search engine?

Well, I just did like I did a couple of weeks ago and old stupidtom pops up as #1 with a bullet. (by the way I have no clue what the “with a bullet” thing means I just always wanted to type that. sorry) Can you imagine how disappointed the poor slob is that’s just looking for big breasted women in various triangular patterns. Not only does it make me laugh that they come here looking for that but it makes me want to apologize. So that’s what I’m going to do now.

Dear guy looking for Huge tit(ed?) lesbian trios, sorry, nothing to see here. Just writing back to a spammer and by the way said same spam company lied because when I clicked the link I think I was mistakenly directed to a gynecological website. So again sorry but if you have an explanation as to why you’re looking for that particular flavor of porn I would appreciate a little insight. Thanks and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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