well thrown

To my middle child I write this because you impressed me with your spectacular display of stubborn last night and I need to let future you know because right now I still need to play the parent role and attempt to break you of these behavioral anomalies. Last night you threw a snit and it was well done by any measure of such things. You felt slighted because everyone else (OK just your brother and sister and the only reason they both went is because one was in charge of the other but these details are irrelevant) got Chinese food for dinner and you got squat even after sitting with your parents at a teaching mass for your confirmation class. You refused all offers of share and hated every flavor available in the house.

You put your crap mood on a shelf for a while as you had a friend over but once she left you were back on the bad mood horse riding it to a dramatic conclusion that ended up with you sleeping on the kitchen floor. Well done. I think your mother even felt bad at the end there. I helped you up to bed and feel that I should be commended for not laughing out loud at your show of brute stubborn. Sadly I feel the need to apologize for my genetic role in your borderline insane ability to stick to a point but on a brighter note I have no fear that you will not stand up for something you believe in. Sleeping on the floor because there was nothing you wanted to eat in the house, classic. I hope that as you read this you are still filled with your own sense of YOU and while I couldn’t show it at the time I was, and am, a big fan.

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