Full On Dead Center

I am having a full-on dead-nuts-center midlife crisis but I’m not looking for a cool car or an affair I just need to get right in my own head and it all centers around work. Life is too short to feel this way every day as you get up and get ready to go. I can’t properly explain but its kind of like no one really cares about anything. I feel like I’m just getting through another day and that’s no way to live. More whining from the ungrateful employed guy I know but give me this much time to think during the day, all day, every day, and this is what you end up with. I need to clarify the dead center of the midlife crisis thing because I actually hope that isn’t true. Unless something drastically changes in the next forty six years I want nothing to do with living into my 90’s. Future children reading this if I am anywhere sitting in my own filth or wandering around not knowing any of you I demand at the very least that you hire someone to kill me. I will haunt you more for planting me in some old incubator than a well executed end to my existence. If you find that you don’t have the stomach for the task I will have left a series of instructive scenarios to help you as much as possible. And as long as were on this incredibly uncomfortable topic NEVER tell you mother any of this as it goes against her very core. Time for another meeting to begin, this didn’t go where I thought it would as I sat down to thumb type.

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