The return

it’s the non awaited return of Ask Stupidtom and in the midst of some awesomely boring writing about work I thought these questions would be a nice change. An addition I have decided on is that I will name the anonymous writers that either ask to not be named or that don’t really give me permission so I don’t post them anyway. The first question comes from someone I’ll call Just Curious.

“I was wondering why you write every day even when you don’t really have anything to say. Just curious.”

Dear Just Curious, (do you see the complex genius behind my naming scheme?) First off I’m going to resist the urge to tell you to fuckoff and go with the thinking that you really want an answer. The truth is that about half the time when I sit down to write I have no idea what I’m going to say except in cases like today where there is a loose plan of sorts. I try and put something down every day for a lot of reasons but if I had to pick one it would be that its something I like doing. In the past when it has become a pain in the ass I’ve quit only to come back. If I was forced to dig a little deeper I would guess that maybe someday I should try writing something a little more substantial but I’m not quite there yet.

“How do you keep getting new jobs? I’ve been trying for a year and can’t seem to get anything.”

Dear Big Chief Hunting Job, (sorry) I don’t have a good answer and don’t know your particular situation but I’ll give you the basics. When I am looking for a job and don’t have another one LOOKING becomes my full time job. Seriously, do nothing else all day. Don’t run errands or do things around the house. Don’t do anything that isn’t focus on getting you working somewhere, anywhere. Resist the urge to do things you couldn’t if you were working. Secondly, flush your pride down the toilet and tell everyone under the sun that you’re looking for work. All od my jobs have come through someone I know in some way some how. Other than  that I truly believe that I can improve any company that I am trying to work for. If that belief leaves or as in my current case I realize that its not a good fit its time to start looking again but the most important thing is Money flowing toward you not just away. I hope that helps.

I’m done for now as I need to gussy myself up for a party tonight. stupidtomOUT

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