Mrs Perfecthousekeeperingston

I am lighting time on fire this morning like its free. Liza and Megan took off on a girls adventure to Miami this morning at 5:45am so the plan was to kick her out of my slowly rolling vehicle in front of their house and get myself back to bed and sleep. it’s a little more than three hours later and here I sit typing this crap after an exhausting morning of internet side tracking. It all started because I turned on the TV before we left because strangely my bride wasn’t quite ready to go and I needed to keep myself awake. The Courtship of Eddie’s Father was on but no Mrs Livingston. For those who don’t know If my wife precedes me into the ground by some cruel twist of fate I will be looking for no other relationship than the perfect one shared by Bill Bixby and Miyoshi Umeki. In fact I always thought that show should have been called Watch an Idiot Ruin His Almost Perfect Life but I was a cynical child and far worse now. For those not in the know get that way on ME TV but here is a picture.


Courtship, ridiculous. Worry about keeping the dream girl that greets you every evening in your neat as a pin apartment you moron. Anyway that led to some internet time wasting that included forty five minutes trying to understand The Twitter. I am either old, stupid, or both because I just don’t understand the appeal. I even have these posts put some weird link on my tweets but I don’t really know why. I guess if I were selling something or promoting something it might make sense but I also don’t understand how you make it work beyond the few people who follow you. (said the guy who writes an internet diary with forty odd loyal until he’s not funny for a while readers)

That led me to screw around with the fafsa site and made myself sick with the costs of college. I really shouldn’t have started that mess so early in the morning because I then went down a trail about the money you need to make to qualify for almost anything and it is ridiculously low. In the spirit of pissing myself off no more I came over to write in this thing for a second. Liza gone, Katie conducting a religious retreat, Max at a sleepover, and Maggie entombed in her bedroom, I have too much ME time on my hands right now. My brain is swimming with thoughts of College, this years taxes, hopefully going from three houses to a manageable two, COBRA insurance, work, shit, I need to pay the bills right now before I forget. I’d bet Mrs. Livingston would take care of that for me…

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